YH Series

YH Series
Ultra-high precision Aluminum plates

This is Hakudo's ultra-high precision series which have undergone a residual stress removal treatment.
Machining deformation is extremely low, enabling significant cost decreases to be achieved.


YH52 Plate

This is ultra-high precision 5052 plate.
Thickness tolerance is approximately 1/10 and the flatness is 1/20 of the JIS.
Having excellent flatness, it is mainly used for precision machining and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

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YH75 Plate

This is 7000 series ultra-high precision plate with the highest level of strength among aluminum alloys.
In addition to having a strength equivalent to S55C, it features 3x the machinability and thermal conductivity while weight is 1/3 of S55C.

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YH61 Plate

This is 6000 series ultra-high precision plate features excellent anodizing properties, as well as strength and corrosion resistance.
Mainly used for automotive parts and components for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

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