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Independent notable processor and distributor of metal materials to support the total development of all industries - HAKUDO

HAKUDO supply the high rate value adding commodities correspond to various field of industries and this kind of business type is the very remarkable one in the same kind of business world all over Japan.
We play our active role for the development of all industries in the world by supplying the best quality and highest accuacy together with possible fastest delivery time to all customers at anytime.

Two types of sales.
We have two types of sales mainly Alminums, Elongated copper products, Stainless steels, Special steels in which one sales way is delivery from our wide variety of stock called standard products sales, another sales is direct delivery from our many intimate suppliers called special ordering products sales.

We handle many kind of material and not final commodity delivered to end users. Metals are classified mainly steel and nonferrous metal.
In which we mainly handle the producers goods of nonferrous metals such as Aluminums, Elongated copper products etc. and also producers good of Iron and steel such as Special steels, Stainless steels and Plastics.

Processing & quick delivery system.
By customers' telephone call or fax, we supply to the customers with rapid delivery service at anytime, at all the time in order to meet to customers' needs of any dimension, any shape of excellent process with highest accuracy.

Our remarkable function is possible fastest delivery together with most precise process for any dimension, any shape from wide range of our stocking materials over 4300 items in our factories.

Hakudo has unique nationwide business network of four factories located in four prefectures such as Fukushima, Kanagawa, Shiga & Saga almost all over Japan.

HAKUDO provide the precise products to all clients with earliest possible delivery through highly efficient production and delivery systems.

By same business pattern of HAKUDO in Japan, we developed a subsidiary company in China under name of Shanghai HAKUDO Precision Materials Co.,Ltd.

HAKUDO's business operation is not limited only in Japan.
We established a subsidiary company in Shanghai in order to meet our customers' various needs in China looks to be most high economic growth rate showing now in the world.
Hereafter we are planning to establish such companies over Asian broad region and thereby we are expanding our unique business systems all over the world.

Introducing Hakudo's overseas offices and partner companies